Approved Research Provider

United Scientist is a Aotearoa New Zealand approved Research Provider.

We offer Research and Development services across a broad range of science and technology, including:
- biomedical   
- electronics  
- software     
- IoT          
- automation   
Contact us to arrange a consultation about your R&D needs.


Are you leading a start-up and look for suppoort to implement your tech?

Your start-up may be something we want to support.
Our incubator support includes:
- expert advice                    
- work space & desks               
- electronics prototyping equipment
- hardware prototyping equipment   

We are experienced in selecting technologies that scale reliably. Relying on open technologies ensures that you will not be trapped into dependencies that are costly to unwind in the future.

Contact us to talk about your start up.

Technology Development

Are you looking for a reliable partner to develop integrated hardware and software solutions?

You can take advantage of our experience to deliver a solution that seamlessly integrates into your business.

We are passionate to deliver a solution that is:
- simple to use       
- easy to expand on   
- dependency-free     
Contact us to talk about a customized solution for your technology needs.

Technology Consulting

We have a team of experienced technologists to advise on:
- Developing technologie             
- Implementing technologies          
- Assessing competing technologies   
Contact us to arrange a consultation.