United Scientists leverages expertise in:
  - biomedical research
  - biotechnology
  - software and hardware engineering.
  - IoT
  - automation

Dr Martin Hohmann-Marriott

Founder & CEO


Expertise: Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Bioimaging, Bioeconomy, Scientific Instrumentation, Scientific Programming, Open Science
Martin grew up with three brothers in Germany. He completed a Master’s degree in Biology (Universität Würzburg), before moving to the USA for PhD studies (Arizona State University). Martin held postdoctoral fellowships at the National Institutes of Health (USA), Hokkaido University (Japan) and University of Otago (Aotearo New Zealand). He was a tenured Professor for Microbial Biotechnology (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), before starting United Scientists in Otepoti Dunedin.

Martin is the inventor of !konstructive

!The Centre for Sustainability (University of Otago)
!Ruralis (Trondheim, Norway)

Dr Christian D Hohmann



Expertise: Dental technology, Dentistry
Before studying dentistry, Christian became a certified and award-winning dental technologist. During his doctoral studies Christian researched the use of composite materials in dentistry. Following his approbation, Christian became a Research Fellow at the University of Ulm Dental Clinic, before joining a private dental clinic.

Michael J Hohmann


Electrical Engineer

Expertise: IoT, Embedded systems, Software design, Hardware design
Michael has a distinguished engineering career, including work at the University of Chicago where he completed an external Master thesis for which he was awarded the prestigious VDE Friedrich Dessauer prize. Michael expertise includes embedded solutions for the automotive industry. In this area, Michael recently lead a software development team in Xiamen (China), before becoming the Head of IoT for an automotive company in Germany. Michael is also a Scrum Master.

Daniel M Hohmann


Industrial Engineer

Expertise: Process planning, Production planning, Electrical engineering, Engineering Safety
Daniel is an experienced production and process planner in the automotive industry. Daniel has also FDI certification as safety engineering advisor.