Programs & file formats

We try to utilize free and open software when possible.

Why? You should be in control of your software and data and avoid black boxes, as these can make scientific work impossible.

Ask nicely for open file formats.

All these programs can be downloaded free of charge and run on Linux, Windos and MacOS.

Word processing
LibreOffice Writer (*.odt, *rtf, *.txt)
Jedit (*.txt)

Reference Manager
JabREF (*.bib)
Zotero (Internet browser [Firefox, Chrome, etc.] Add-on)

LibreOffice Impress (*.odp)
Inkscape – Extension-JessyInk (*.svg)

LibreOffice Calc (*.ods)

Scientific Graphing
Open office (*.ods) for every day use
gnuplot (*.p, *.plt) for automated graph generation
Veusz (*.vsz) for publication grade images

Scientific computing & Statistics
R (.r)
Python (*.py)
GNU Octave (.m)

Pixel images
GIMP (*.xfs, *.tiff, *.jpeg)

Vector images
Inkscape (*.svg, *.eps)

Digitization of graphs
Engauge (type command line: engauge) automatic
G3DataGraph Analyser, manual

Graphviz (automated diagrammes using “dot”)

Evince (a free pdf viewer)
Scribus (a free pdf editor)
PDFEdit (a free pdf editor)
GIMP (can open pdf and edit them)