2nd annual meeting BioCat research school

BioCat is a Norwegian research school that focuses on biocatalysis, but offers access to ressources to a wide variety of people from the life sciences. Lisa participated in their 2nd annual meeting from the 3rd to the 6th of June 2018. On the 3rd of June a workshop took place, which taught the participants once more what makes a good presentation. The conference itself featured key-note speakers such as Morten Sørlie (NMBU, NOR) Kylie Vincent (Oxford, UK), Emily Parker (Wellingotn, NZ) and also offered space for PhD candidates to present their research in talks and posters. Lisa held a well received presentation and in addition, won with her group the activity games. In genral, the days were a fantastic opportunity for mingling and networking with national PhD fellows with good weather and many mosquitos in Hurdal.


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